Rico’s Signature Flak Gun

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    Inspired by mHtt's  Flak Machine Gun (opens new window)
    I wanted something that didn't have a chance at being fired back at me and something that let me use my Rocket Launcher at the same time, and so I made this mod.

     Not Enough Firepower? Check out his Older Brother.the Bull's Eye Flak Rifle (opens a new window)



     # Replaces ammo 100% with flak gun ammo.

    # Reduced Black Market Cost.

    # 99.99% Guarantee that the enemy will not be firing this back at you. 



    # Caused increased grapple length  FIXED

    # Caused a Rico Skin to be uploaded with the file.  FIXED

     # File was too large for the regular .tab and .arc.  FIXED




    Version 1.00

    Original File yada yada

    Version 1.10

    Changed a few values with the gun to more accurately reflect the flak cannon.

    Version 1.20

    Fixed all issues pertaining to the unwanted extras whatnot, added a readme file. 

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