Rico’s Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Shirt (WITH BUTTONS!)

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    I wanted some more friendship in my game. But I couldn't find any mods for it! Maybe I was searching it wrong, because friendship is really popular these days.

    So this mod adds that touch of friendship by changing Rico's shirt into something more colorful and magical!
    In other words, I slapped Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic onto his shirt. But I kept the buttons! Haha! How clever.

    Don't worry, this mod does NOT affect Rico's levels of love and tolerance. It is purely aestetic. He still likes flowers and beaches and furiously hates everything else and expresses it with guns and explosives.

    Anyways, I made this mod. Well, except for Rico's shirt texture. And Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark. Hell, I didn't do anything. If you're determined to undermine your own creative talents by shamelessly stealing this and uploading it on to your own account, heed one small word of advice: 

    Do it yourself! You'll probably end up with a much better end-result than this little awkward nerd at the prom.



    Drag and drop "characters" into your dropzone folder. Beware, it WILL overwrite any existing skins you may have! Or at least the shirt part of them. 

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