Rico’s Hazard Gear ver. 1.5

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     Download moved to Mediafire now. Sorry for the inconvenience with 4shared, fellow users :(


    This is my second mod. I decide to go a little more serious about this one since i finally got my avalanche model viewer working.


    OK, here is a hazard gear. It's actually some kind of protective gear.

     It comes in 4 camos and two variants

    Available camo:

    Forest Camo (long-short sleeves) 

    Arctic Camo (long-short sleeves)

    Scorpio Ops Camo (long-short sleeves) *suggestion by Vexto*

    MARPAT + M81 Camo (long-short sleeves)                              *suggestion by Pachira (sorry to make you wait so long) :(*



    (the short sleeve version is awesome! although it clipped a little....)


    Might add more camo in the future (desert, urban, moss, Red/Blue Tiger spetsnaz camo...)


    For installation help, view the readme file on the folder.



    See a preview by our member Vexto by the file HomePage 


    Since this version, i will not be updating as often. I have been patient, but this is it. My computer is slow on JC2. I'll be waiting until i get a new, higher-end computer. Till then i'll just stick to the forums and chatroom.



    My brother who mintroduced me to JC2

    Avalanche and Square Enix who developed and published JC2 (GIVE US JC3!!!!)

    Site owner Zenin and admin voxbox13

    People who give feedback and rating

    Vexto and Pachira for the suggestions

     and all the people who download my mods.



    Update 1.2


    -Fixed right hand model

    -Fixed missing harness strap

    -Added Scorpio Ops camo (as suggested by Vexto)


    Update 1.5

    -Added full face gasmask (popular request)

    -Added MARPAT + M81 camo (Suggestion by Pachira, sorry for the long wait)

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