Rico’s Hand Cannon

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    Rico's hand cannon now uses .50 caliber, Armor-Piercing-Explosive-Incendiary, APEI-169, M02! (or in other words, machine gun ammo) 

    Updated Rico's signature gun to use flak rounds (to enable building damage) changed muzzle and firing FX to the ones used in the flak cannon and uses the sniper rifle shoot sound effect for a more powerful Bang!.


    Balance Changes:

    *Rico's hand cannon now can damage buildings
    *Added splash damage with an AoE of 1
    *Increased ammo storage size from 36 bullets (30+6) to 120 bullets (114+6)
    *Decreased rate of fire from 2.6 to .25 shoots per second (to balance DPM)  
    *Rico's Hand Cannon now uses machine gun ammo instead of revolver ammo (revolver ammo was easy to get so switched to a more "exotic" ammo to balance the gun) 



    updated weapons.bis weapon_18 (machine gun) bullettype to "16"  (flak rounds) but left all other parameters the same so only pro is that now the machine gun deals damage to buildings too (if you have other weapons.bis mods you will need to merge this change with your current mod to have the handgun cannon working, else you wont be able to restock your ammo from MG)



    This mod makes the signature weapon to use revolver rounds increasing the damage per shoot to balance the low ammo storage capacity,lowering the fire rate to balance the DPS,and increases the range, recoil camera shake and vehicle impulse to better depict the power of the gun.

    due to the high  damage of the shoots this weapon is better used as anti-material weapon (shooting to persons is both inhuman and a waste of ammo) 

    Finally I removed the rose on the gun's cannon, give me a nice cool looking design to engrave on it and i will include it on the next release  ;)

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