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    UPDATED as of 10/29/2010 Re-uploaded to media fire... Will try to pay closer attention to keep the file available...
    Download .TXT at top of page to get Download Link I have to do this otherwise my Downloads won't count correctly

    Version 1.5
    The Japanese Won WWII...

    They Are taking over Panau, weaponizing civilian vehicles in an attempt to amass an army. They plan to overthrow the Panauan Military...

    The objective of this Mod is to repace many of the civilian vehicles in the game to Weaponized variants with Milataristic Japanese styling as well as replacing RICO with a more fitting model.
    ***NOTE*** It wouldn't let me update the file on my original Mod Upload... So I had to delete that one and reupload it...  

    - - - INFO - - -
    Version 1.5 - Rico Replacement Pack

    14 Different Rico Replacements

     -12 Variants based on the old Japanese WWII Veterans found in the game

    JP Soldier - Original Japanese Veteran Model (6)
    JP Rico - Japanese Veteran Model with a modified Grappling Hook and Parachute Rig (6)

    Available Accessory Variants (both Veteran Versions)
    Hat + Katana
    Helmet + Katana
     -2 Bonus Character Replacers
    -General Misayo
    -Japanese Bodyguard

    ADDED Twin Wing Guns Variant to Peek Airhawk replacement pack by request - shoaxthabeast

    Im working on trying to accomplish the "FINAL Variant" requested by jaimenexo but Im having issues with adding that many weapons... Still working on it tho...


    Version 1.0 - Peek Airhawk 225 Replacement Pack.

    4 Textures to choose from representing 3 WWII Japanese Aircraft

     -The Aichi D3A "VAL" Dive Bomber (two variants)
     -The Nakajima B5N "KATE" Torpedo Bomber
     -The Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" Fighter

    4 Weapon Loadouts available to all 4 Texture Variants

     -Twin Nose Guns
     -Twin Nose Guns + Twin Wing Guns
     -Twin Nose Guns + Single Rocket Pod
     -Twin Wing Guns + Single Autocannon



    - - - Instructions for Install - - -

    1.Decide on which model variant you would like to use, refer to promotional video to see the different variants.

    2.Copy the Folder of the replacer of your choice to your Dropzone Folder. JP Rico and JP Soldier Folders have Accessory Variant folders within them. Only use one Accessory Variant at a time.

    3.Enjoy and please let me know of any bugs... 

    1.Decide Which Plane (TEXTURE) you want to use, look at the inlcuded promotional image for reference on styling.

    2.Open the folder of your choice and decide on which weapon load out you would like to use.

    3.Copy the .eez file in the folder of your choice to your "Program Files (x86)\Just Cause 2\dropzone" Folder (Create One if you don't have one)


    - - - Instructions for Uninstall - - -



    - - - RECOMMENDATIONS - - -

    - A Blackmarket MOD that includes the ability to purchase the Peek Airhawk at anytime. 

    Like this:
    or This:


    - - - CREDITS - - -

    First Off Prof Farnsworth, thank you very much good sir! Once for making the Weaponized Peek Airhawk in the first place and then also for
    helping me lock the weapons in place. Farnsworth also helped me with figuring out how to replace RICO... This man needs his Chaos upranked for sure!

    Second one goes out to Looney for making the first Airhawk Reskin. I was able to use your textures as a way to make sense of the Original Texture Map.

    Thirdly, Kudoku. Your Beastly Weaponized Silverbolt enabled me to equip my planes with that awesome Autocannon...

    Forthly, FRX for his tutorial with HEX editing... Very easy to understand and extremely helpful! Did I do well with your teaching?

    Last but definitely not least, Golfman560... His Renaming .sarc files to .eez BATCH file helped keep my sanity while creating this mod!

    Id Also like to give thanks to all the helpful users in these threads:


    - - - Final Notes - - -

    Id like to get the community's ideas for the future of this mod. Vehicles that you would like to see become part of the Retro-Fitted Japanese Military...

    Please Leave any ideas in the thread for this mod, found here:
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