RayGun’s MTA Powerrun 77

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    RayGun's MTA Powerrun 77

    Weapons: Ray launcher, Ray bombs.

    Skin Color: Black with white & carbon fiber specs.

    Specs:Rear jet water mist, Quad exhaust, Double jet exhaust effects, Double thruster exhaust effects, Fully customized turret, Increased speed, Increased turning, Increased armor; Unbreakable only changes the damage values. You can't damage this boat, Decreased bounce, Clipping & Glitch.

    Three versions of this vehicle: With Raygun Effects, With Raygun Storm Effects, Without Weapons.

    Installation: unzip .rar, Choose version, extract to dropzone.

    Credits: 'Notepad++' is what i used to edit the codes,'Gibbed Tools' because it's what i used to edit the files needed & 'Paint.NET' because it's what i used to edit the skins

    →Video Upon Mod←

    Any adds and or updates will be posted.

    Please leave feedback below upon this mod.

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