Puch “ocelot” moped

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    Back when I was 14, I lived in Switzerland, where the only vehicle you can ride between 14-16 years of age, is a moped. Not even a scooter, but a regular 49,9cc moped.

    And, now that I ride every single day on my Kawasaki ZR1100, I remember that those little mopeds gave me my first thrills on two wheels. 

    I modded the Virginia Schultz mainly because it was plainly, incredibly, shoot-it-out-of-frustration-kinda slow. The ocelot-fur saddle evokes the leopard and tiger-styled saddles on mopeds and scooters from the sixties to the eighties. The räggare of Sweden, the german-speaking Halbstarke, the french blousons noirs lived their wild youth on those little mean machines.

    I called it the "Ocelot" to match the other kick-ass-cat names of the other mods (Tiger, Cheetah... Cougar ;) ), fitting it's "I'm tiny but I'll bite your balls 'till you die" character.

    Quarter mile (standing start): 11.6 seconds

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