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    JC2's default sprint is useless, it's hardly faster than normal running speed, so no one uses it. And there are lots of faster sprint mods out there, but all of them are ridiculous. Rico sprints too fast, and he looks weird while sprinting because of the very fast sprint animation.

    I made Proper Sprint Speed for you guys who want faster but at the same time realistic sprinting. At last you are going to start using the sprint button!


    There are six versions, you can choose any of them and you can switch to any other version anytime you want. It won't affect your game.

    Realistic and recommended sprint speeds:

    Sprint speed 2.5
    Sprint speed 2.75
    Sprint speed 3.0

    Unrealistic sprint speeds, they are just for fun:

    Sprint speed 5.0
    Sprint speed 10.0
    Sprint speed 20.0


    Choose one of the six versions and put it in your dropzone folder. If there is no dropzone folder, create it. It should be like this:

    Just Cause 2\dropzone\basestatemachine.afsm

    To uninstall, just remove basestatemachine.afsm from your game directory or delete it. Game will return to using the default values.


    1.0 Initial release.
    1.1 Updated realistic sprint speeds and added new unrealistic sprint speeds.


    You are allowed to modify and re-release this mod. Also you are allowed to include this mod in mod packs, with or without modifying it. You don't have to ask for my permission, just give me credit.



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