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    • The Civadier, Mancini Cavallo and Sakura Aquila Metro ST will now be able to stop in a straight line while braking hard (some even while turning slightly). This is due to changed brake bias where less braking force is put on the rear tires to compensate for the change in weight distribution when braking hard.
    • The Civadier, Mancini Cavallo, Titus and Sakura Aquila Metro ST will rev the lower gears longer before shifting.
    • The Civadier and Mancini Cavallo will shift down earlier to keep the revs up.

    Note that turning while braking hard will still cause the cars to slide. I don't do radical, I do details.



    • Civadier and Mancini Cavallo shift to 5th gear slightly earlier.
    • Aquila Metro ST will now lock the wheels under heavy braking.
    • Civadier locks the wheels the last few meters under very heavy braking.
    • Mancini Cavallo will lock the wheels slightly later under heavy braking

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