Post Apocalyptic Rico v1.0 (Blue, Black, Jungle, Urban camos, 24 texture combinations!)

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    Credit to sarahb360 for the vest texture and bump map, which I then modified
    Credit to antonnomad for the balaclava texture that I used on the head 
    I had to delete the "no hood, balaclava and mask files" from the archive in order to upload it, I will share those on Media Fire. If you want to use that skin set, you will need to download that archive via this link:

    This is a post apocalyptic rico skin, with a fair few equipment/camo options and combinations. This is my first skin with 
    next gen engines and on this game, and any constructive criticism is welcomed, and wanted. Seriously, I'm starting university for things 
    like this, if you see an issue, please comment or PM me. 
    Four camos: Black, Sky Blue, Jungle and Urban.  
    There are 24 total options of equipment and camos. 
    The Jungle skin has been updated slightly since its' screenshot was taken, it now looks like the Blue skin, except... well.... green. 

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