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    Name: Panau Winter Mod

    Version: 1.3b

    Size: 31,887,360 Bytes



    The download below is a link because the file is too large to upload to Just open the file in WinRar and go to the link provided in link.txt

    Story (For Fiction Lovers):

    -It's what you don't know that will kill you, as with the case of Baby Panay'

    Secret Weather Thermocontrol Base, located on a secret Island 120 miles from

    Panau. As Rico arrived, Baby Panay activated the Winter Scenario plunging the

    entire South East Asia into a Unbelievable Snowpocalypse. As cities grew to a

    halt under the intense snowfall, a race began to try and deactivate the Station

    as soon as possible before Asian Civilization starts to crumble.



    Story (For Fact Lovers):

    -Global Warming has taken it's toll on the World. A intense cooling period has

    began as the Gulf stream shuts down, and weather patterns become more severe.

    The world has begun to prepare for the worst, but the panauans, know that if they

    can survive a crazy dictators iron fist, they can surviver the winterpocalypse.

    Business as usual.



    Story (The crazy version):

    -After a global Nuclear War that left the world destroyed and looking like

    Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Metro 2033, a small island was found in the South China sea

    that seemed to be almost untouched by the disaster. The Island was Panau, but

    the nuclear war had taken it's toll and thus Panau was thrown into nuclear Winter.






    1) Extract the Archive with WinRar (if you're reading this you have already done it)

    2) Copy the '' and the 'Panau_Winter_Mod_v1_3b.arc' files

    to your 'Just Cause 2\Dropzone\archives_win32\' folder.

    3) Run the game. If there are any bugs please report them.






    Minor: If the environment seems too bright just use the file included.


    Major: Non found so far




    ****Software Used****

    -Irfanview: Used for modifying the .dds files

    -Easy2Convert PNG to DDS: For converting PNG files to DDS Files

    -GIMP 2: For Certain modification of the DDS files

    -GIBBED TOOLS: For everything else





    -This is a BETA. It is still being updated, and hopefully a Final version

    will be released by Christmas

    Update History: 1.2: -Base version of the mod 1.3 -Snow uniforms for the Reapers and Roaches -Military Camo for the Government -New Skin for Attack Helicopter -New skin for Jet (not the G9 eclipse)

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