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    --Panau Revolution Mod--


    Fight for the government or against it! Four factions fight for control

    of Panau. Join the army and police force, or side with the fedora gang

    and the revolutionary army. The choice is yours.



    1. place all the files in the dropzone folder into the JC2 dropzone folder.


    2. Choose either 'Uphold The Oligarchy Edition' (Fight for the police and army)


    3. Or the 'Won't Betray Bolo Edition' (Fight for the fedora gang and

    Revolutionary army)


    4. Place the files from either one of these folders into the dropzone folder.


    5. Make Bolo Proud.




    I strongly recommend JTH's 'Panau Police Mod 2.1', as well as a save game

    with all missions complete. some missions will not work with this mod.

    This mod is by no means finished, I will add more in future.

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