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    This is the Panau Police Mod v2.1 with files prepared for my Hedge Sports and Offroad Mod v3.0 and Cpc2011s Chevalier RS Vehicle Set v2.0 mod

    Errors fixed: Roaches will now show up as they should, more boats are added for the factions.
    A little extra: Police Wildforce now have original Jeep Wrangler Wheels and the Hedge Wildchild and Poloma Renegade are now added to worldsim as civilian vehicles.

    The Police Sakura Aquila and    Police Sakura Aquila Undercover have been fixed, so the front bumper now falls off quicker, the Police SWAT Truck and Police Wilforce now has standard redesigned wheels for

    better controlling and less flipping, the Police Bike has been upgraded to a faster bike.

    The mod consists of:
    Police Sakura Aquila
    Police Sakura Aquila Undercover
    Police SWAT Truck
    Police Heavy Bike
    Police Garret Traver-Z
    Police Wilforce
    Police MV Quartermaster with minigun and machinegun (Replaces the Chepachet PVD) - (choose the one you want and put it in the dropzone folder)   
    Faction MV Quartermaster (included file has a minigun mounted - Don't put this in the dropzonefolder if you want to use the machinegun)
    Rowlinson K22(Armed and Unarmed)
    Mullen Skeeter Hawk (Unarmed)
    UH-10 Chippewa (Armed)
    YP-107 Phoenix (has 3 extraseats added and minigun as the mounted weapon)
    Winstons Amen 69   
    Police Cargo Plane
    Police Jet Plane (Has been replaced by the jumbojet in the supplied worldsim.bin, so no civilians will be flying it)

    Images for the blackmarket menu are included.

    Check Readme.txt for more info

    Any questions can be asked here:

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