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    Remember Enola Gay, the first atomic bomber ... Now Panau has its own Enola Gay !

     Video (Thanks to FiercXnEoS) : 


    V 1.2 : the Panay rocket launcher now fires nukes (my own revision)

              the Bering has a new skin : dark with some partts in red, like the agency's vehicles, and some customisations . 

              the cargo plane launches the same nukes (actualy, this is the "Bering 130 Xtrem 4.0" mod with a modified flak "big canon", so any "big canon" will fire nukes)


    Remember : use a god mode cheat when using the rocket launcher. Concerning the cargo, it is extremly resistant so there is no need.


    Realized thanks to the folowing mods :

    -Bering 130 Xtrem 4.0

    -Missile Collection

    -PolimerJones Weapons mod 

     Fixed bugs : SAM, ARVE and normal rockets are affected too -> I've replaced their impact effects by the LAVE's one.

    Known side effects : all rockets look like nukes 

    Next release updates :cargo's weapons modifications, maybe two versions of the mod (the second without modified rocket launcher) . Coming in few weeks.


    PS: Sorry for English mistakes, i'm French. 

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