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    P.A.D.S. Panau Advance Driving School.
    After passing their driver training, the cops to be party all night smoking coconut fiber and drinking 'gin cream' (a mix of gin, vodka and coconut cream served in a coconut shell with a small scorpion floating in it) and are gone to the four winds when they come after you.
    Try to stay alive on the road with them after you or find a big tree to stand behind and watch the fun.
    PADS fitted superchargers to the Willforce jeeps so they super fast but ran out of money (thanks to your doing) to revamp the brakes to stop them.
    All so fitted superchargers to attact boats so watch out around water, and the police helli is supercharged too, only thing is it goes up so quick that the pilots pass out from lack of o2 that they just keep going up and up and into outer space i think.
    By the way the motor bikes are supercharged too and no brakes.
    Have fun with this mod, hope you all like it.

    Unzip with 7zip and place PADS folder into your dropzone folder.

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