Oneshot kill revovler & Increased grapple range

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     SORRY in my recent update for some reason it made the grapple range 80 but its fixed now and is 20000 :)


    This is my first mod and this is the second day ive had Just Cause 2. This mod gives the revolver a hell of a punch. If you shoot a car the car will blow up. also anything else will blow up too. If you shoot a Person they will fly upwards with blood :L

     Version 1.5

    Includes two versions automatic with 3000 round magazine !!!

    or the normal semi-automatic with 20 round magazine



    This mod also includes the 2KM grapple range so you dont have to choose between the two 


    As i said this is my first mod so its nothing serious and i made it cause i was sick of the military taking to long to die :L + i love the revolver its bad ass


    ALL THE GUNS APART FROM C4 AND GRENADES HAVE INFINITE AMMO ( i cant find the data for the c4 and grenade magazine :(




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