Navy Chippewa with Auto Cannon!

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    Navy UH-10 Chippewa with nose mounted auto cannon.
    The Skin is Navy Blue on black. It doesn't work all the time. If you know how to fix that, give me a shout out. The black parts will eventually be carbon fiber and there will be a carbon on gray version. Done::100% Stable in my testing.

     This also skins the Mullen Skeeter Eagle. Just found out. turns out it looks great even though I never once looked at the model! The Mullen is faster and has more room for arms. It's also a civi. I will make an eagle gunship. It's no fair if the enemy gets a better heli!

    There are two versions in game. Now they both have the auto cannon.

    There was a problem with version 1.0-it only had one mini gun. V1.1 Now with both mini guns!

    Update2: V1.2 Now with Carbon/Gray Skin and two fire modes!

    Don't stick around if these get called. They are brutal. Especially if you play on Hardcore like me. If you manage to get one, you will be god.
    It's normal. Trust me, you want to be able to kill this.

    Read the ReadMe for instructions.

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