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    This is my first mod... :S


    This contains:

     ~Machine Pistol: pistol is now rapid fire (not quite an uzi, however), and does a bit more damage

    ~MachineGun fires like a shotgun (still rapid fire), and one handed. still uses MG ammo, so it's waaaaay more powerful than a shotgun.

    ~Sniper rifle is rapid fire

    ~Rocket launcher is now like a shotgun, rockets travel much faster, and do more damage.


    No fancy shit like shooting cakes out of rico's ass, but it works, and is pretty fun.

    The police can't use the Machine gun, or the pistol. they are still able to use sniper rifles, however...

    Sorry I had to use weapons.bin, but I don't know how to not use it. If you know how to, please let me know.

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