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    Its a little tool to make it easier for you adding and deleting mods.

    After a long time i release revision 18. It has many improvements and a few new mods. You can now deactivate the path check on start if it cause trouble. With this release i also release the source code. It´s written in autoit. If some of you got disappointed.. You can´t add new mods here without modifying the source. So if you know a little about AutoIt you can do it yourself.

    Download (rev 18): Download

    Download (source rev 18): Newest Source

    Download (rev 15):


    -One click mod installation/uninstallation

    -Skin selector

    -Language System (at the moment only German and English)

    -Auto Detect mods

    -Combined weapons.bin

    -Creates a dropzone folder/backups your dropzone folder

    You have ideas or found bugs? Write them to me and i will include them.

    Info: I didn´t made these mods. I just made the manager and combined the .bin files.

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