ML-KNIL Messerschmitt Bf 108 warbird

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    The ML-KNIL was the air force of the dutch east indian overseas army, who fought the japanese invasor in Indonesia during the war and fought against the revolutionary troops who would eventually create the modern state of Indonesia.

     I used my "Nord 1000" Aéronavale mod to quickly paint it to this dutch styling. As with the Nord 1000, I wanted to create a warbird one could actually find in South East Asia. So far, we have Japan, the Flying Tigers, the french navy air force and the ML-KNIL. Next one shall be british or australian. Let's see ;)

    Enjoy flying it, it kicks the sh*t out of every plane it crosses. It's faster than the jetplanes, takes off faster than anything; only landing it may be tricky, as you'd need a long runway to land on (the engine revs too high for your plane ever to be slow, you better hit the airbrakes while turning in close circles to drop some speed.

    Enjoy! =)



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