Mega weapons and working grappler

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    this is a mix of weapon mods that i made.


    Rocket luncher: shoots 30 rockets whit spred and the chockwave is 300 meter so you need the no hit reaction mod.

    Smg: is realy powerful so if you shot two bullets at a boat it will fly away and its fun to shot att helicopters.

    Sniper: it shoots flak and hold down the trigger to have fun :P

    Mini gun: many Bullets!

    Mini shotgun: realy powerful (but the other shotgun is useless)

    I think thats all and if you have a long range grappler mod, dont worry you dont need that weapons.bin + my is a little bit upgraded.

    The weapons have longer range too.

    This mod is not 100% perfect becaus this was my first mod so i was only playing around.

    If you dont have the bigger explosion mod it is there (Big Boom!) i give the credits to boy3510817 for that.


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