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    Changes Include:

    *Changed normals and mpm so that Dead Pool gets wet, dirty, and have snow on him 

    *Costume corrected 

    *Added 2nd sword 

    *Bigger circles around eyes of mask

    *Got rid of the anorexic look and made Dead Pool more buff like in the comics

    *Real Muscle Definition not the fake texture overlay

    *Real Accessories, not fake texture overlays, such as the strape around his leg, ammo bags, ammo belt, grenades across chest, and got rid of rico grapple hook

    For more picture and the first (1.0) version of this mod go here to download

    For more pictures and the 2.6 of Version Dead Pool go here to download 


    JUST place the file in this location

    C:program filessteamsteamappscommonjustcause2dropzone


    C:Program Files (x86)Just Cause 2dropzone 

    if you don't have a folder called dropzone just create one and put the mod there
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