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    UPDATE 1.1: changes made to the suits collar in order to be more in line with the movie

    UPDATE 1.2: changes made to suit cuffs, slight tweaking of collar and boots, altered the mpm files on the suit in order to make the blue more accurate to the film. nrm files altered to improve muscle detail as well

    UPDATE 1.3 minor tweaks made, black suit variant as is briefly seen in film added

    Man Of Steel's Superman suit as seen in the film Man Of Steel, no capes unfortunately so I included a few different variations, one that's film accurate, and two others that have some red details I added to attempt to compensate for the lack of the cape. And yes, I know Acally recently uploaded a Man Of Steel skin, but I put a lot of time into these textures and wanted to share my work.

    Started off by using Wapeddell's Deadpool mod as a base, but eventually moved the textures I was using over to Wapeddell's Superman skin instead so that I would actually have a head to work with. put a lot of time into getting the details on the suit right but managed to get the mpm files to give the details a nice metallic look. Also gave Rico a shave and made some tweaks to the face textures to give off a better Superman vibe.

    As with most mods place unpacked files into your dropzone folder

    Would like to suggest using the amazing Superman flying mod 4.0 available here as well as a sprint modifier for maximum effect. please download and enjoy!

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