Makoto Karasu Concept Bike

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    I'm sure you all discovered your private racing strips all over Panau. Yet the power of most motorcycles obliges you to ride through curves without any "real deal" feeling.

     This Makoto Z1100XX Karasu has the engine of the Mancini Cavallo (aka Bugatti Veyron). Though it's supposed to be one of the biggest powerhouses in the LaVe's of the game, the 5-star rule seems to apply, so you don't get as much of it as long as the bike's "stars" in the black market aren't completed.

    The wheels of the Elite Cruiser give this bike a unique look. Truly unique: it is really fun to ride on curvy roads, or it's just my brain making it up because it looks so "gyroscopical" with those big wheels.

    On the minus side, I wish I could change the engine's noise, if anyone can improve the bike, it'll be great :)

    Along with the - very modern/urban - style of the Z260X's fairings, it's one mean machine that deserves the nickname I gave it ("Karasu", "raven" in japanese): it's a black road scavenger on which you can easily make a Tour de Panau-ride you'll really enjoy.

     Gentlemen, start your engines!



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