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    Upgrade 2.0:

    + Explosive melee (thanks to LightningAnarchy for that idea ;) ). That is to say ; when you use the grapple to hit someone, it produces an explosion. I’ve found two differents types of explosions as you can see in my new video. Here are the main features :

    ------------------Explosion n°1----- Explosion n°2

    Explosion --------- Big ------------------ Medium

    Sound ---------- Heavy ---------------- Medium

    Range --------- Medium ------------------ Big

    Damage ------- Medium ------------------ Big

    The download includes (jump, explosion n°1, explosion n°2, jump+explosion n°1, jump+explosion n°2)

    New video:



    First video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SsFWshqgO4 

    Of course, it’s an useless mod but quite funny i think!

    The rules are simple: you jump and you create an explosion under your feet as you can see in my video/images.

    Advice: use the god-mod, otherwise you’ll be dead after one jump! If you use the grapple to land, nothing will happen.

    The police won’t take care of you, if you kill anyone thanks to that explosion.

    My mod also produce another effect when you land on some walls as you can see on one image and my video (0.37s).

    Known bugs:

    - some problems of camera sometimes.

    - what happens in the video (1.53min), but it’s not really a bug. It happens only when you use the grapple and if just before landing, you push extremely quickly the key for parachute/jump 3 times.

    Precision: I don’t use explosion mod.


    Topic : http://www.justcause2mods.com/index.php/forum?func=view&catid=14&id=6212

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