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    Youtube video of the JC2FPS mod - the vehicle demonstrations found in that vid are identical to what you will find in this mod, so check it out. 

    This mod was originally made for my JC2FPS complete-game first person mod, but due to high demand, I have separated it out for those who just want the vehicles in first person.

     Every single vehicle (sky, land and sea!) now has first and third person cameras (switch with the "C" button, or whatever button you chose for "reverse camera").  

    This is by far the BEST first person vehicles mod for JC2 out there!


    There are 2 versions - 1 with the cameras sometimes inside the vehicle itself so you can see the steering wheel (which vehicles use this has been selected carefully based on which will benefit the most from the added realism this achieves. The other always has  the camera outside for those using settings that really make it difficult to drive with the window tint. Take your pic!


    Works with or without the superman first person mod too!


    Instructions are found inside the archive. Read carefully and follow them all. You cannot break your computer or game by installing this mod! To uninstall, simply remove all files you added when installing.

    Updates for v1.1:

    1. Fixed issue with grappling to the roof of a moving vehicle

    2. Changed tank 3rd person camera to facilitate easier turret control. 


    There are bound to be bugs, as it is not a 1 man job to test such a prolific mod; please report them here, as well as suggestions and requests, and general feedback!


    NOTE I cannot reply on this page. If you want a reply, go to the above thread.


    Check back for updates


    This mod is free for all, and I do not intend to make any money from copyright materials - nor do I deserve any money whatsoever for anything to do with Just Cause 2, but if you wish to donate to me, personally, out of the goodness of your heart then you are more than welcome to!



    Credits go to Prof_Farnsworth for his ideas that led to the creation of this mod, to powerslave212 for his Superman Flying mod v4, which I included, and lastly credit  to Tool2Heal for his First Person Land Vehicles v2.1 mod, from which I used the reverse third person cameras. Also a big thanks to Hendel for his collection of the entire Arc-file contents that made it much easier and faster to make this mod. Nice work! 

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