JustARC Reloaded by CJay – 06A and 061

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    This is an alternate tool to Gibbedtools r128 and provides similar functionality, with the much-needed bonus of having a complete user interface, text previewer, hex reader, and texture previewer. Although development by CJay stopped long ago, the tool is still available and still very useful. Think of it as a much more stable, faster, and simply more streamlined version of nroth's JCCE.


    I use this mainly to open archives that have been locked for whatever reason by the mod creators - this lock is mainly limited to gibbed's archive viewer and can be circumvented by using JustARC. 


    All credit goes to CJay* for the tools.

    Versions 0.6A and 0.61 are both included, just in case something goes wrong with either one of them. 


    New in 0.61:

     - Fixed bug with Offzip's that didn't contain sarc files. (It lets you save the decompressed file now.)

     - Fixed a bug where the texture extractor didn't work in SARC files.


    If the tool crashes, please send an error report using the inbuilt reporting tool. Thanks! 


    * from facepunch forums Frown 


    The discussion page for this tool is here:




    Unfortunately, I can't really edit the source code so please don't come to me for error reports. Contact CJay! 

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