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    Its my first mod and i'm already ready to present it its a textures mod for all my textures i used for my Just Cause 2 game it is almost completely re-textured and redone now i'm going to tell you right now this download might not work most of the time when i download mods from here it doesn't work if anybody has a fix for what happens please tell me but i cant really explain it.

    Second I DID NOT MAKE THESE MODS Don't be giving me credit for making these great textures you may be able to recognize a few the only thing I did is make them able for users to download but I do like support I don't care if you thank me.

    Third I don't suggest any computers lower than Windows 7 to download that is the current version I am using so please don't complain to me ITS NOT WORKING WOLFTIME WHAT DO I DO?!? because you have been warned now I will just say Whatever figure it out yourself and or even not get back to you.

    Fourth i'm working on a youtube channel i'm planning on streaming a lot I don't know just putting it out there.

    Fifth I will be updating later adding my vehicle textures and if you have any suggestions I will add them.

    Finally Tell me what you think if you like it or not or if you feel it needs improvement now I cant be on this all day everyday like a creeper but ill try to be on often to see whats going on I personally like all these textures and think everybody should have these textures it makes it like a tropical island when your playing.

    If you want to donate or message me my steam is Wolftime but I may change it later if I feel it doesn't sound good and I hope you like the mod pack and theres more to come soon!

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Make A Folder Named Textures in your dropzone folder and place all files in there I would suggest organizing them with files named Water/Roads/Climate/Weather/Clouds or Etc.

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