Just Cause 2 Limbo Mod V2

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    This is my Just Cause 2 Limbo Mod V2.

    It will change the whole game, because nearly everything is black, except lamps etc.

    I also edited EVERY weapon, textures, gradients, HUD files and so on to create a nice athmosphere. The nature gets a completely new look wth this mod, i edited the grass height, tree and rock spawns.....

    I dont want to say too much, just try it and give a FAIR rating (that means : if you dont like the mod, give a bad rating and say what is bad) !



    Compatible with:

    -Vehicle mods

    -Heatspawn Mods

    -Blackmarket Mods

    INSTALLATION : read the README.txt file in the .rar archive

    Forum Link:






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