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    Important Note - READ BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!

    Before downloading this mod, read through the description. There are important things you should know before playing Just Cause 2 with this mod installed. You will not have as much fun with this chaotic mod if you don't read the description!


    Just Cause 2: Island in Chaos is the rebranded version of the famous Crazy Civilian AI Mod for Just Cause 2. I have decided to rebrand this mod because of the vast amount of content I have borrowed from other modders. I felt as though I hadn't given them enough credit for their contributions in the description of the Crazy Civilian AI mod, so I wanted to make sure I did here. The 'file authors' section of this submission will include everyone who has contributed to this mod.


    If you're new to Crazy Civilian AI, now called Just Cause 2: Island in Chaos, you're in for a treat. In this release I have made several finishing touches to the mod that allows for maximum chaos and minimum downtime.

    Installation Tutorial:

    Click here to learn how to install this mod. The video tutorial also teaches you how to install the optional savegame mod. Look below this text to find out more about it, as well as a link to the file download.

    Optional Mod That Will Enhance Your Experience:

    Install this mod. It will restore every destructible item in Panau and more, allowing you to play Just Cause 2 like it was meant to be played.

    Watch the Installation Video to learn how to install it.

    Gameplay Tips:

    If the AI seems to stop spawning, keep moving. If you stay in the same place the AI will eventually get stuck and the game engine will stop spawning cars.

    If the AI stops spawning altogether and will not spawn anymore even when you move around, you will need to start a Race Challenge. Starting a Race Challenge is the easiest way to reset the AI engine. You do not need to complete the Race Challenge to do so, you can start the race and immediately quit and the AI will still be reset.

    Fun Things to Do:

    Try to get into the passenger seat of a civilian's car and see where they take you. If they stop moving after driving off the road, getting out and immediately getting back into the passenger seat will sometimes make them start moving again.

    Install  ZXZ's Blackmarket Mod and spawn some soldiers on the road. They will play Frogger with the crazy drivers, and more often than not will get mowed down!

    Traverse the streets of Panau. Try to drive from one side of the island to the other while keeping your car intact.

    Enjoy the chaos. Just Cause 2 tries to encourage the player to cause chaos, but with this mod installed it's much more fun to watch everyone else drive past the speed limit, shoot at each other, and crash their planes!

    Before Commenting:

    If you are about to make a comment asking about the older versions of Crazy Civilian AI, don't. Instead, use this link to access all older versions of the mod.

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