Just Cause 2 – ‘Ace Special’ Experimental/Compilation Mod (UPDATE: v77)

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    Just Cause 2 - 'Ace Special' Experimental/Compilation Mod

    UPDATE 11/28/2016 : v77 "semi-final-version"

    -Minor tweaks (they're smarter-ish) -Added (few) more fights on Salad Island (vehicles also, ai uses them now) -Added more fights in random spots of Hantau Island. -Added more "hidden" stashes (Hantau Island, Salad Island, Desert Plateau, Shipwreck, Pie, etc..) -The DLC para-thruster spawns somewhere in game (it may look out of range, but it def isn't) -Added Panay's Rocket Launcher's spawn to the game also (2 areas) -Added 2x bubble blaster spawns in unlisted areas.

    -In some areas throughout Panau, Sabatoge items will respawn (Gas Stations/Pumps, Cranes, Silos)

    UPDATE 7/6/2016 : v65 last test version, forgot I accidentally killed a few of my links. lol sorry!!

    NOTE: the link should go to my jc2 dropbox folder, I'll put this and other things in there as-is.

    Credits/Thanks: Avalanche, Jusupov, mUGEN, voxbox, CoconutFred, Mandella, Capo, Prof Farnsworth, Technopath, hahahaha, mrtt, JustCause2 Mods, JC2-MP, and more!

    Description:  This mod started out when I was learning how to mod JC2.  I've included aspects of some other mods, which I've noted in credits/changes.  Also fixed some bugs combining them, and not to mention my own 'tweaks' to various other aspects of the game:  Weapons, Effects, Enemies, Gameplay, Spawns, etc...  This mod is intended for fun, and learning as well - I've included all modified sources, as well as comments in the .xml code wherever I could so others could see what was changed.  The .bin files are also NOT locked, but I'd recommend using the .xml as it might be cleaner/easier to read.  Thanks for looking, enjoy!

    -You need all DLC.
    -If running ANY other mods, back them up and start with a FRESH (empty) dropzone folder.
    -Unpack the 7z archive to your Just Cause 2 folder (not just copy it there, that will do nothing good).
    -Dropzone, DLC and archives_win32 mods are included - no need to (re)create any folders.

    Changes (see readme file inside for more info):
    -Populated Salad island - DLC items, and some traps.
    -Added some 'Colonel Invalidnick' battles across Panau (roughly 10x), also he respawns.
    -Added some 'easter eggs' across Panau - 3x Space Rockets, 2x Submarines.  They also respawn.
    -Modified Jusupov's item stash + more, see readme for full list.
    -Included crazy civilian ai base (for civilian insanity).
    -Expanded heatspawn for government and factions
    -And more (see readme for full list)
    -Originally based off Zxz's Blackmarket Mod
    -Modified so everything unlocks (reduced prices)
    -Added CoconutFred's 'JC2-ArmyOnDemand' framework (modified for 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x group spawning)
    -Lots more changed (see readme for full changes)
    -Named after JC1 counterparts
    -All weapons modified (see readme for full list)
    -Modified 'Military Upgrade Pack' vehicles.
    -Added some modified versions of weaponized vehicles.
    -No 'invulnerable' vehicles - only slightly increased HP/armor vs 'Stock'.
    -Lots more (see readme for full list of changes)
    -Quick Time Event timer slowed down
    -Faction collectibles ONLY show up on MiniMap
    -Resource/Faction item glow increased (greatly)
    -All payouts (mostly all of them) increased.
    -Lots of other small changes/tweaks - see readme for full list.

    Videos (for an idea of some changes):

  • speaker_notes Installation

    -Backup your DLC, and start with an empty dropzone (I don't know of compatability with other stuff, but feel free to try), and any blackmarket mods from archives_win32 folder. -Unpack this archive to your Just Cause 2 install folder (it had both the DLC and dropzone folders already setup). -Play JC2. -blow stuff up. -Rinse, repeat.

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