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    A real flying board!

    Enter the craft and fly freely! Call the blackmarket and you will see the small chopper has been replaced by this Jet Flying Board. To get in the vehicle, walk to the left side of it and get close, then following the hud to enter(default pressing e). To get out, press the same key again to jump off. But do remember not to jump off when the vehicle is speeding up or lifting, or you will be instantly killed by a invisible rotor...And if you are moving, you can also jump to the parachute by pressing SPACE(by default).

    You also have two powerful weapons. Two miniguns and a SAM launcher(which looks like a cannon). The SAM can't be aimed manually, but it will automatically follow and hit the enemies' choppers you are engaging.

    This mod is made based on a small helicopter, so the control is just the same with a helicopter.

    You may find the handling can be tough because of the steering, sometimes it's too sensitive and sometimes it's too blunt...I'll keep working on it and try to improve it...

    The camera setting.bin can help you control and aim. Also the blackmarket.bin is also not indispensable, you can buy the small agency chopper and get the board all the same.

    Have fun!



    By the way, can anyone tell me how to upload a video here? Thanks!

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