JC2FPS – The JC2 First Person Mod

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    This is the first ever Just Cause 2 Complete-First-Person mod. Now you can enjoy the entire game from the point of view of Rico, experiencing the intense thrills, action and adventure like never before! Explore the beautiful island, and cause chaos with your own two hands with this game-transforming mod. Panau never seemed so real.....

    Well over 100 hours have gone into tweaking every little detail to make this mod as perfect and professional as the game engine will allow. An entirely new vehicles first person mod has been invented, putting the others to shame and going where no other has gone before - to ALL boats and ALL planes! All other aspects of the game are first person: parachuting, swimming, diving, reeling, hanging, running, shooting, crouching...it goes on and on! Well over 80 cameras adjusted with love, new cameras created from scratch to bring you the definitive, and only Just Cause 2 First Person Mod: JC2FPS by Kaii.

    Installation Instructions:

    Download the 'JC2FPS v3.0 by Kaii.rar' archive and extract it (anywhere). Follow ALL the instructions inside. They are simple, but must be followed exactly for the mod to work.

    Unfortunately this mod does not (and can NEVER) allow you to switch between 1st and 3rd person cameras in game (except for vehicles). It is just used to change the game. To uninstall, simply remove the files you added when you installed. You can reinstall whenever you want, depending on your mood.

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