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  • description Description

    Unhappy with the sun from vanilla and or other mods here on the site, I present my personal re-texture of the "SUN". The sun will still appear bigger or brighter under certain weather conditions, cloud cover, etc.

    *UPDATE* Made sun bigger, removed white HAZE from sun_gradient. Also updated the main thumbnail with fixed Sky Gradient.

    The sun was from a quick web search, and the sunbeam was taken from a skyrim more realistic sun mod. All credits to original artwork as I simply modified with some photoshop filters like gaussian effects mostly then resized for a smaller less intense effect and edited the alpha channels.

    *NOTE* If using another sun from such mods as remastered etc, be sure to remove the similar files from dropzone before using this ONE!

    sun_dif.dds, sun_gradient_dif.dds, sunbeam_dif.dds


  • speaker_notes Installation

    To INSTALL: unzip to main dir as normal, "dropzone" folder already in archive.

    UNINSTALL: remove the files dropzone/textures/atmosphere/sun_dif.dds, sun_gradient_dif.dds, sunbeam_dif.dds

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0a - Added matching resized "sun_gradient_dif.dds"

    1.0c - Updated Bigger Sun size removed White-Haze

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