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    JC2 Rebalanced Mod - Version 1.02

    Made for the PC and PS3®.


    Bring More Faction Fights, Chaos, Destruction and War To Your Beautiful Tropical Paradise. Witness Large Gang-Wars Between The Rivaling Factions and Local Army; On Land, In The Air and Sea. Experience Panau In An All Out Battle! 

    This Mod Will Change How the Game Environment (AI) Reacts Around You, Changes The Cost of Blackmarket Items (chaos and money),  and Also The Rewards You Receive After Completing Faction/Agency Missions has Been Altered, Which Will Change When You Receive Them Throughout The Game.

    A Few Cosmetic Changes Have Been Added; Like Walking, a New On-Foot (over the shoulder) Camera Position and a Stronger Threshold to Damage (not god mode).


    HOW TO USE --> Un-zip downloaded file and place 'JC2.Rebalanced-v1.02' into your 'dropzone'


    Items marked with a Double Asterisk (**) are New Features on Version 1.02


    - ** Factions Are Now Fighting Each Other/Army. Some Epic Battles Can Happen Between the Factions and Army. (remove 'factions.bin' to disable).

    - ** Factions Spawn on Boats, Helicopters, Motorcycles and a Variety of Other Vehicles; Each with Their Own Faction Colors and Logos on Them.

    - Police/Army Pay Less Attention To You (heat); UNLESS you Shoot At Them, Blow Shit Up, Drive Faction Vehicles, **Enter Restricted Areas or Shoot/Kill too many Civilians.

    - ** Police/Army Now Spawn With Better Quality Weapons (NO MORE sawed-off shotguns and MORE SMGs and Rifles).

    - Civilians Driving Vehicles Will Not Flee When Shot At - (chance they will flee, but usually in BIG gunfights only). Civilians on Motorcycles/Open Air Vehicles Have A Higher Chance Of Fleeing Compared To Civilians In Cars/Trucks.

    - Civilians Walking Will Not Flee/Become Frightened As Easy and Only Run Away When Shots Are Close To Them, If They're Shot At, or if Cars Are Driving At Them.

    - More Money For Completing Faction Missions. I Increased This Because I didn't Understand Why You Would Get So Little Money For Doing Such 'High-Risk' Jobs (when every faction says you're the best at what you do!).

    - Blackmarket Prices Have Become More 'Realistic' - Which Means The Price Reflects (Sort-of) What it Would Cost in The Real World. Does NOT change the DLC Prices.

    - The Loading Screen To The Blackmarket Has Been Removed For Quicker Access To Purchases. I Kept The Helicopter Sounds Just For Fun.

    - The (Chaos) Levels Have Been Altered on the Different Vehicles and Weapons Available. This Changes When You Receive Them For Use On The Island.

    - More Ammunition is Available For Weapons in The Environment (from soldiers dropped guns and from crates) Throughout The Island.

    - A WALK MOD. So players on the PC that Use Keyboard/Mouse can Walk Around Instead Of Run. Hold 'L-Shift' To Sprint. (Remove the file 'basestatemachine.afsm' to disable).

    - Holster Your Weapon By Tapping 'L-Shift' Once While Walking (pushing up^). - This Will Work 95% Of The Time. You May Pull Your Weapon Back-Out When You Sprint and Stop.

    - The Camera Angle Has Been Moved Closer To The Player, Creating A More 'Over The Shoulder' Feel To The Game.

    - Damage Threshold Has Been Changed Giving You More Resistance To Damage and a Faster Health Regeneration Rate. This is NOT A GOD MODE, and YOU CAN STILL DIE.


    I May Have Forgotten Some Functions I Changed, So You Might Find A few Other Things As You Play...








    Made By Kris J - Do Not Upload, Reproduce or Use Parts-of JC2 Rebalanced. Thanks.


    end transmission....


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