JC2 Mayhem Pack

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    Imagine flying around Panua island, on your epic-face jet powered parachute, while planes crashed down to earth all around you and factions fought cops on teh ground.

    That is mayhem.

    Add that to a handpicked selection of mods to make your gameplay the best possible, you get this modpack.

    Includes Coolo's EASY INSTALLER


    Crazy Civilian AI

    -Increase Air Traffic

    -Increase Traffic

    Technopaths Blackmarket Mod

    -No cutscenes

    - Everything unlocked

    -Better prices

    -More guns and vehicles







    -Spawn with chaos and thrusters


    -Beautiful Rico


    -Unbreakable ropes



    -Infinite ammo

    -Modify values


    ---Install Instructions----

    Extract folder into Just Cause 2 directory, run Install.cmd and follow the prompts.

    ---Bolopatch Instructions---

    Open Just Cause 2, load into your save file and alt tab to open bolopatch. Enable anything you want or change your money.


    EXTREME Edition: http://www.justcause2mods.com/mods/other/Gameplay/JC2-Extreme-Mayhem-Pack/

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