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    JC2MapViewer is a map viewer for Just Cause 2, written in C#. It loads a Just Cause 2 save game and displays missed resource/chaos items, required for 100% completion.

    This program was originally written by DerPlaya78 using BruTile as the tiling library. Since the development stopped in 2010 with 0.3 as the final version, bugs remained and some have been fixed in this version. The JC2.Save library contains some additional information about Just Cause 2 save games (statistics, mission state, etc.), that is not used by the viewer, so anyone interested can use it in their programs.

    Save games are located in: %ProgramFiles%\Steam\userdata\[steam_id]\8190\remote

    For more information, see Readme.txt.


    • 0.3.4: Added an option to automatically reload the map.
    • 0.3.3: Added taskbar icon, new zoom buttons.
    • 0.3.2: Added Reload button and scrollbars for smaller screens.
    • 0.3.1: Fixed some minor bugs and typos, minor GUI overhaul.
    • 0.3: Added experimental support for Xbox 360 save games.
    • 0.2: Added settlement information.
    • 0.1a: Updated item lists.


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