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    Imagine flying around Panua island, on your jet powered parachute, while trying to dodge jet fighters and attack helicopters firing barrages of middiles at you.

    That is madness.

    Add that to a handpicked selection of mods to make your gameplay the best possible, you get this modpack.

    Includes Coolo's EASY INSTALLER


    Extreme Heat

    -Ai use rocketlaunchers

    -Faction cars have better weapons

    -Military choppers and jets shoot missiles

    Air Combat

    -Increase air traffic

    Technopaths Blackmarket Mod

    -No cutscenes

    - Everything unlocked

    -Better prices

    -More guns and vehicles







    -Spawn with chaos and thrusters


    -Beautiful Rico


    -Unbreakable ropes



    -Infinite ammo

    -Modify values


    ---Install Instructions----

    Extract folder into Just Cause 2 directory, run Install.cmd and follow the prompts.

    ---Bolopatch Instructions---

    Open Just Cause 2, load into your save file and alt tab to open bolopatch. Enable anything you want or change your money.


    EXTREME Edition: http://www.justcause2mods.com/mods/other/Gameplay/JC2-Extreme-Mayhem-Pack/

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