JC2 Low End PC v2 [Updated]

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  • description Description

    This mod removes most of the effects of the game in order to increase FPS and thus achieve an improvement in performance especially for low-end PC.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Extract all files from this archive to your JC2 root folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    *Effects that remove they are:



    -Rain and Snow

    -Effects Shooting

    -Water Effects






    *50% of the textures of the game were reduced so that there is a slight increase in FPS

    *There are .bat files that allow you to activate or deactivate explosions and vegetation


    CRC-32: 0850f9e7

    MD4: c434e9bb85e3955d31206b695302aa16

    MD5: 53140ae44f7bb82bb52781d773302390

    SHA-1: 2d45b2a0f9cd71f0a9721a1b3234af0f50c49a0e

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