JC2 Island Water – Repack of a collaboration of textures.

  • descriptionDescription

    This is my pick of "WATER" textures to work together to match in color without being to dull or to vibrant.


    Gradient from JC3 Mod Pack (Fixed was saved in 8bit - now in 24bit).

    Water God Rays and Mask, & Water Bump (unedited) from JC Remastered (Adjusted Hue and Saturation).

    Wave_diff.dds (Hand picked from real photo and edited by me.)

    Wave_foam_diff.dds (An extremely detailed texture borrowed from No Man's Sky (don't laugh!)

    Credits: To all Original Authors/Artist.

    *NOTE* If using other water and or texture mods be sure to remove any similar files from dropzone.

    FILE LIST: gradients.bmp, water_bump.dds, water_godrays_alphamask.dds, water_godrays_dif.dds, wave_dif.dds, wave_foam_dif.dds, wave_mask.dds



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    To INSTALL: unzip to main dir as normal, "dropzone" folder already in archive.

    UNINSTALL: remove the files dropzone/textures/water/gradients.bmp, water_bump.dds, water_godrays_alphamask.dds, water_godrays_dif.dds, wave_dif.dds, wave_foam_dif.dds, wave_mask.dds

  • event_noteChangelog

    *FIX* - Water_bump2.dds renamed to Water_bump.dds

    UPDATED - corrected description.

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