JC2 Enhanced Edition

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  • description Description

    Compilation of several mods for a Just Cause 2 fully remastered with a new environment and high quality textures.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Copy the files and folders to the directory where the game is installed and replace them if necessary. For example: "C:Program FilesEidosJust Cause 2"

  • event_note Changelog
    • Realistic Sky and Clouds by DI_GHOSTIE_ID
    • New Textures and Roads by Kris and plokdev
    • No Filmgrain by jason
    • Realistic Blood by Rando
    • Realistic Sun by techlord
    • High res Moon and enhanced Stars by borni
    • More Creatures by mrtt
    • More Traffic by Hubert
    • Ace Special Experimental/Compilation Mod by AmauryRR
    • Panau Police by JTH
    • No BlackMarket Cutscenes by khewit
    • Realistic Guns by Gawl
    • Mouse Aiming Fix by Altimor
    • Bullseye Rifle Fix by Zhnigo
    • 100% Percent Completion Fix by Jusupov
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