JC2 Cracked Roads – Decal begone!

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  • description Description

    All new texture from a royalty free web search. It's been modified by me with Photoshop and made a normal to match. I was not sure if the road used it or not but when I forgot to put the new one in during testing the texture looked grainy. Replacing with a the proper file fixed that effect, the new texture also tiles better.

    Road Texture = 2048x2048

    Road Normal = 1024x1024

    ALL CREDITS to Original Author.

    To use this mod be sure to remove any similar files from dropzone.

    detail_asphalt_dif.dds , detail_asphalt_nrm.dds (may or not be used.), decal_cracks_dif.dds

  • speaker_notes Installation

    INSTALL: Extract to dropzone folder in main Game Dir "folder" is included in archive.

    UNINSTALL: Remove the directory and or files: dropzone/textures/roads/detail_asphalt_dif.dds , detail_asphalt_nrm.dds, decal_cracks_dif.dds

  • event_note Changelog

    Completly new texture with same blank decal, and the road should tile better with less vertical lines.

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