Jalmarmy – Firetrucks everywhere!

  • descriptionDescription

    Most fun I've had in ages! -a comment from older version

    What does this mod do?

    • Any heat spawned (basicly any traffic spawn) military and faction members drive firetrucks.
    • Replace heat spawned military helicopters with flying firetrucks.
    • All heat spawned boats are faster. They are also firetrucks.
    • Also increases amount of police vehicles. Makes it somewhat harder, but much more fun!
    • [Optional] Boring little propellerplanes are now firetrucks.
    • [Optional] Fast lightweight optimized firetruck or super fast out of control firetruck
    • [Optional] A (yet) crappy firetruck jumbojet



    Known issues

    • For some reason, WTF Firetruck (which I totally recommend) is incompatible with Jalmarmy.(Apparently WTF Firetruck mod doesn't exist anymore. I'll see if I can create something like that it and include it here)
    • Firetruck propellerplanes spawn without hulls in races.
    • Military variant of firetruck helicopters spawn without hulls in the small southeast corner territory. I guess those areas have some stuff that doesn't like the firetruck model. I'll see if I can copy and paste the spawn instructions from a working area.



  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Simply drag to dropzone. More specific ins-truck-tions included in readme.

  • event_noteChangelog

    Also in readme. Testing: 0.1:    land vehicles are supposed to spawn as Firetrucks. 0.2:    first version i got working. 0.3:    boat. 0.4:    helicopter. 0.5:    Started over the boat thing 0.6:    increased amount of vehicles (easier to get more heat)

    Released: 1.0:    Something broke but it fixed itself 1.1:    Helicopter update 1.2:    Added the firetruck jumbojet 1.2.1:    Restored jumbojet's wings

    2.0:    Lots of things redone. 2.1:    Added super fast firetruck

    2017 edition: (I'm back) 17-1:    Cleaned up the awfully organized zip. Gonna take a look at the mod. Last real update was '15, I think. I don't remember much. 17-2:    I don't remember what I did. Apparently something since this version exists. 17-3:    Added the optimized firetruck

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