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    This mod is an advancement on the other no blackmarket mods.

    It does the same thing (removes blackmarket cutscenes) but without the brief black loading screen when opening the menu and ordering items.

    -Loads the blackmarket menu instantly. I.E. Disables cutscenes completly when opening the blackmarket menu and ordering items (No black loading screen)

    -Works with other no blackmarket cutscene mods. Adding this mod will just remove the black loading screen.

    Note: There still is a black loading screen when extracting, I havnt been able to fix that.


    List of changes

    No cutscene or black loading screen when opening menu and ordering items

    Removed helicopter sound from menu

    Removed Sheldon/Sloth Demon voice from cutscenes


    I know this mod is kinda petty but having the black loading screen almost every time I opened the menu got tiring after a while.



    Put sheldonservice.bin and gen_ext.seq.blz into dropzone


    Tell me if it has any problems



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