Increased Traffic Spawn for Crazy Civilian AI

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    I've been hearing about how much people love the 'Crazy Civilian AI' mod, as well as the Traffic Control mod. A few comments were asking when Someone would release a version of CCA with the same traffic as TC. I decided to fulfill that and make this mod.


    I did NOT make the original Traffic Control mod or the Crazy Civilian AI mod. I just acted as the middle man and bought the High traffic spawn rates of Traffic Control Mod to the Crazy Civilian AI mod world. Since i didn't make the Original mods i have only included the 'worldsim.bin' file, which modifies the Traffic spawn rates. You will still need to download the Crazy Civilian AI mod to use this.


    Thanks to:


    -For the Crazy Civilian AI mod (required)



    -For the Traffic Control Mod


    These are what this mod combines into a Civilian Crazy AI mod with more vehicles, which means more crashes, more danger, and more chances to be launched in the air by a Tuk Tuk.



    Extract to your dropzone folder in the Just Cause 2 Directory. You will need to replace the worldsim.bin file that came with the Crazy Civilian AI mod with this one.



    Crazy Civilian AI mod - mandella64



    1) Download and install Crazy Civilian AI mod

    2) Copy this mod into the dropzone folder. It will ask if you want to overwrite the 'worldsim.bin' file. Just click accept.

    3) Enjoy :D




    Minor: Cars may spawn a couple of times consecutively (usually 3-5 times). This fixes itself within 3-5 seconds and wont cause any trouble. This happens because i don't yet know the id's of the values required to change the car spawn randomness. If anyone knows ill greatly appreciate the help.


    I cannot upload the rest of the Crazy Civilian Ai mod because i don't have the authors permission, which is why you'll need to get the CCA mod beforehand.


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