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    Improved Creatures aims to bring more life to Panau. I increased the animal spawn values to populate the island, and modified some other values to diversify the animals as much as i can.


    There are four versions, you can choose any of them and you can switch to any other version anytime you want. It won't affect your game.

    Low Spawn: This one is the most realistic, it spawns more animals than vanilla, but not ridiculously more. You are gonna see more animals, but it won't feel very unrealistic.

    I increased the maximum spawn amount for each animal category and increased the individual spawn frequencies for each animal.

    I tried to diversify animals as much as i can by changing their individual values such as size, velocity, acceleration, turn rate, wing length, wing beat frequency etc.

    I decreased minimum altitudes and increased maximum altitudes in various degrees for each bird and each insect, so they fly both higher and lower, which makes them more realistic, and more interesting to watch. Now you can see that birds sometimes fly close to the ground level and sometimes very high.

    I changed the minimum depth for fish, so they may spawn in shallower water as well.

    Medium/High/Very High Spawn: They are identical with Low Spawn version, except they have higher spawn values for all animals and higher maximum altitudes for birds and insects to compensate the high spawn values. Otherwise birds would look too cluttered.


    Choose one of the four versions and put it in your dropzone folder. If there is no dropzone folder, create it. It should be like this:

    just cause 2\dropzone\creatures.bin

    To uninstall, just remove creatures.bin from your game directory or delete it. Game will return to using the default values.


    1.0 Initial release.

    1.1 Too many changes to write all of them, so I'll write the major ones.

    Removed Medium Spawn- Low Altitude versions. They were unnecessary and confusing.

    Lowered maximum altitudes and increased spawn values for Low Spawn just a little. It's still realistic.

    Lowered maximum altitudes for insects.

    Decreased draw distance of fish, now they spawn as schools. Looks much better.

    Changed scorpion spawn and despawn distance.

    Decreased scorpion maximum spawn amount.

    Now scorpions may spawn at other islands as well, but not on all ground types. I haven't tested this extensively, see for yourself. If it doesn't work, no big deal.

    1.2 Again, too many changes to write all of them.

    Edited Low and High versions, added Medium and Very High versions.

    Now that there are four versions instead of just two, i tried to make Low very realistic, so spawn values are really low now. If you don't like it, try higher spawn versions.

    The mod is much better and complete now.  1.2 is the final version, most probably there won't be another update.


    Animals are slightly larger than vanilla to make them easier to recognize. Some of them are much more larger than vanilla, like eagle, to make them easier to recognize at great distance.

    Animals don't spawn the moment you arrrive at an area, you have to wait for a few seconds till the game populates the area. (Not my doing.)

    Animals don't spawn while you are on the air. You have to be on the ground or in the water. (Not my doing.)

    (I'm not sure) Animals don't spawn above towns, villages, military bases etc. (Not my doing.)

    Insects generally spawn above tall grass. (Not my doing.)

    Scorpions spawn at desert. (Not my doing.)

    Insect spawning is inconsistent and unpredictable. Sometimes you hardly see an insect, despite high spawn values of this mod. (Not my doing.)

    Scorpion spawning is problematic as well. Generally they spawn in front of you out of nowhere, it looks very unnatural. (Not my doing.)

    To truly enjoy this mod, you should drive/fly less, walk/swim more.


    You are allowed to modify and re-release this mod. Also you are allowed to include this mod in mod packs, with or without modifying it. You don't have to ask for my permission, just give me credit.




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