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    This is my first mod, I picked up quickly how to make them, and I'm not to shabby... the car could need some stabilization, so feel free to edit my mod, and if it works out great, send it to me and Ill re-upload the updated one!

     WARNING, If you get out of the car while going fast the car will keep going and 30% of the time you will never see it again!

    Fun things to do, Pop the back left and front right tire and stuntjump ontop of it while skidding on a frozen lake.

    Fly around the mountains/desert.

    Attach other cars to the back of it as you go 300 MPH! 

    And much more.

    This works for both versions of the cividar, so put both files in your dropzone folder!


    (RECOMMENDED) BLACK MARKET MOD, to buy the cividar! 


    UPDATE: 1/16/12


    Its been like 2 years!

    Uh, enjoying it? I still am..! 

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