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    This is the CollectHendel.

    Actual version: 1.0

    CollectHendel is a Collection of the best Mods and Tools.


    It contain:

    - The most important Files from all .Arc archives

    -Mods by Hendel(me :D)

    -Mods by other people like:

               Civilian will not flee from their vehicles

               First Person Mods

               Visual Enhancement Mods

               And much much more.


               Gibbed Tools actual Version for sure.

               Map Viewer

               Bolo Patch

               Massive Unpacker


    Many Updates are coming. So that  more Mods are in it. (For sure only the best)

    Comment, Vote and request your fav mods in the Collection.


    Have fun. Copyright to their respective owners and creators :D



    FORUM: http://www.justcause2mods.com/index.php/forum?func=view&catid=14&id=5971#5971



     This are the credits of all mods:

    First thanks alot for all these WONDERFULL mods :D I love them all. And I hope that with this collection, other people can get the mods easy :D

    Bolo-Patch - Maybe Bolo Santosi :D                 (Not really but say me the name)
    Gibbed Tools 05.06.2010                     (Gibbed or Rick)
    HENDEL Massive UnPackEr                     (Me :D)
    Map'Savegame Viewer                         (DerPlaya78)

    Civilians will not flee from their vehicles             (-pk-) BIG THANKS
    DLC Vehicle Spawning                         (Gawl)
    Dual Wieldable Two Handed Weapons                 (quesoesbueno59 )
    First Person - Land Vehicles v2.1                 (tool2heal )
    First Person Parachute, Reeling and Freefall             (Prof. Farnsworth)
    FULL HD MOD - HD CLOUDS+VEM 1.3                 (Ineedascotch/The Vman)
    High res moon and enhanced stars v 1.1 final             (voorhees)
    Increased grapple Range & Speed                 (Pridit)
    Monster Tuk Xtreme                         (NoiZ)
    Multiple Lock on missile Launcher v4.0                 (se123)
    Road Retexture - NICE                         (tool2heal )
    Super Para-Thruster with original parachute replacer         (fox)
    Superman Flying Mod Version 3.1                 (powerslave212)
    Technopaths Black Market Mod v3                 (Technopaths)
    Traffic Control                         (Prof_Farnsworth)
    Triggered Bombs Collection                     (boy3510817)
    Unlimited Ammo                             (Gawl)
    Useless SAM SItes                         (Readme_Hendel)

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