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    - Aaaaaaand it's back Again, again, again!!!

                                          UPDATE OF BESTSELLER  BEST GAMEPLAY MOD!                                                                               


    Can't Stop The Factions© UPDATED for all lovers of the real CHAOS. Special Thanks to 8Thor8 for idea of the Mod, and of genious idea of falling Jets.  Yes it is his modification. 

    Now the idea of 8Thor8 about falling Jets works! In last Can't Stop The Factions©  version  1.5.1 downloaded archive you could see folder Jets (maybe), played with this version of  mod I see that OMG, fractions on Jets, fall in a unpredictable direction and crashes over the ground
    It gave to Game is unreal cool atmosphere and colour, but... Play 10 - 15 minutes, and   Game takes off, and it happens always even if use only one this Mod.
    And I started to understand that if 8Thor8 will not forced to work this Mod  correctly, this must do someone else. I found a mistake missed by 8Thor8. Now Factions on Jet Fighters fall anywhere, in water, over the ground, over skyscrapers, and even over your head... Now Gameplay like < firework >.
    And Game does not take off!
    1. Now Reapers drive else by tanks, also they how before drive on military jeep. Ular   Boys discovers Panau by grand yellow limousines, Roaches drive only military transport. Now they all dangerous, like never before. All they use Jet Fighters and helicopters
    2. Now the Panau army drive on military buggy and atv. During HEAT they use 1 military helicopter - Sivirkin 15 Havoc, they will hunt you by a lot of tanks, of armored cars trucks, military jeeps and Jet Fighters, so now army use only the deadly transport, how it is and should be.
    3. If all that I listed here, not give you to understand whats in my potion, I just updated Best Gameplay Mod - Can't Stop The Factions© by 8Thor8.  
    With this Mod you receive CSTF and More Cops© in fusion, All depends from chosen version
    Then FIXED ALL BUGS (vehicles not lose their wheels, helicopters not lose their propellers, military transport not vanish right under faction legs). 
    And I made it more hard, more mad, stably, explosives, and more Revolutionary...
     ...There is ultimate HEATSPAWN...
     Viva La Revolución!!!” 

    HEATSPAWN: Jet Fighters(C) v3.0

    "This an update for 'main version' and now I have really fixed all of previously bugs.
    An upheaval in that have been done by me, what couldn't make the all authors of previous HEATSPAWN mods, FIX ALL THE BUGS.
    The main bug which resulted to AI's Quit.
    When the enemies and factions are standings like frozen and can't attacks you or each other.
    The tank battles is now work, now you can watch the aftermath after Jet Fighters crashes, and stand by to the moment when Bering will fall and change an outcome of pursuit or the epic battle..."

    - Igor Shlyakhtin
    Full description, new screenshots, and that were previously other versions of the mod (I will fix it too), and all of this coming. Please wait a no long time.


    1. Choose the version of the mod here.
    For example: '#1 Clear version + Hostile Factions', open the folder, can you see the 'dropzone' folder?
    Drag-and-drop 'dropzone' into your Just Cause 2 game folder, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Just Cause 2.

    2. Don't forget confirm the file replacement.


    Author of idea and the programmer in Factions sector: 8Thor8

    Lead and Ai programmer: Igor Shlyakhtin (Dreambrother Ltd)

    Level designer: Igor Shlyakhtin (Dreambrother Ltd)

    Auxiliary textures for Nightmare Difficulty: Bryce.


     P.S. Someone can hijack G9 Eclipse when it falling? I think that possible, but on this moment I have hijacked only Si-47 Leopard. 

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