HD Improved Clouds

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    Here's a reskin of the default ugly cloud textures to make them look far more realistic and visually appealing. It makes the clouds look MUCH better from both the ground and from the air. It is particularly amazing to fly above them, as it replicates the "sea of clouds" look.

     - Replaces all cloud particles, including the clouds lower to the ground.

    - Dramatically improves cloud structure, shading, and detail.

    - Flying through and above the clouds is VERY cool looking.

    - Makes the clouds cast rays of shadow rather than rays of light.

    The only clouds that I didn't replace are the atmospheric Cirrus clouds. I tried, but my result ended up looking like total crap. Also, the cloud shadows have a small tendency to occasionally look too dark, but it's relatively rare.

    Tell me what you think!

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